Why Mindoo?

Ethics of engagement to deliver high-value professional services at a fair and adapted price

Mindoo Management proposes a flexible pricing model to deliver value to its clients.
The service value proposition draws from personal core values, from ability to provide support based on a comprehensive set of digital and data capabilities (including proficiency in working with solution editors), and adaptation to work context.

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Core values

As the representative of Mindoo Management, I strive to promote and maintain high ethical standards, hereafter summarized. Selecting  service professionals and other partners, I wish they share those values

Learn quickly, with enthusiasm and constant curiosity. Strive to understand all dimensions of an issue: strategy, market, customers, business model, and required competencies. Apply broad skills (finance, strategic thinking, data), and contribute outside one's core competence box to build a greater solution with stakeholders.

Understand the need for change and, at the same time, what to preserve. Identify the approach, management style, and mindset appropriate to a situation and communication to singular stakeholders. Keep track of time.


Be clear in your commitments and oriented towards outcomes, not output. Engage with integrity.Say what we are going to do, do what you have said, and remain lucid about the need for adjustments. Know and communicate your limits with an open mind and curiosity to set up the appropriate collaboration environment.


Make an impact. Apply a tailored approach as soon as possible to have a strong and more lasting effect. Focus more on the results (or risks to moderate) than on the process itself. Yearn for steady performance.


Make your voice heard, in an articulated and open manner, even if there is a risk of disagreement. Dialogue and assess the options available and path for change. Contribute to deciding with acumen and decisiveness. Take measured risks when appropriate.



Data & Digital capabilities

Digital & Data Capabilities
Mobile Apps
Turn Your Startup Idea Into Reality Without Coding! Nocode solution to design WebApp and Mobile Applications
App and MVP Design
Digital & Data Capabilities
Database management, automation, Cloud
The power of a database with the familiarity of a spreadsheet. All the power of a flexible relational data model
Database and MVP Design, Mindoo's Toolbox, Team Work
Digital & Data Capabilities
Data Prep & Visualization, Automation
From data to discovery to decisions in minutes. An analytical platform to automate and optimize results.
Data preparation and complex modeling
Digital & Data Capabilities
Collaborative Workplace
We make tools like Jira and Trello. And we’re serious about creating amazing products, practices, and open work for all teams.
PMO, PI Increment, Kanban
Digital & Data Capabilities
Cloud Data
Everything your teams need in one place. Dropbox is a smart workspace that centralizes teams, tools and content.
Collaborative Team Work
Digital & Data Capabilities
Collaborative Workplace, Communication
All the tools you need to work efficiently, in one suite
Mindoo's Toolbox, Collaborative Team Work
Digital & Data Capabilities
Record video messages of your screen, cam, or both. Faster than typing an email or meeting live.
Communication, branding, e-learning
Digital & Data Capabilities
Design Thinking, Collaborative Workplace
The online collaborative whiteboard platform to bring teams together, anytime, anywhere.
Workshop Facilitation
Digital & Data Capabilities
Design Thinking, Collaborative Workplace
Put imagination to work. Mural is a digital workspace for visual collaboration
Workshop Facilitation
Digital & Data Capabilities
e-documentation, Project Management, Database
All-in-one workspace.
Collaborative Team Work, PMO, Project Management, CRM
Digital & Data Capabilities
Collaborative Workplace
Your productivity cloud accompanying you in your professional and personal life.
Mindoo's Toolbox
Digital & Data Capabilities
Cloud Data
Any file, anywhere, always protected
Collaborative Team Work
Digital & Data Capabilities
Communication, Collaborative Workplace
A platform to communicate with your team and get things done.
Collaborative Team Work
Digital & Data Capabilities
Data Prep & Visualization, Automation
Tableau helps people see and understand data
Data Visulizattion
Digital & Data Capabilities
Communication, Automation
Create forms and surveys that people enjoy answering. Engage your audience effortlessly.
Mindoo's Toolbox, digital integration
Digital & Data Capabilities
Web, e-commerce, digital, integration, branding
The modern way to build for the web, Weblow empowers designers to build professional, custom websites in a completely visual canvas with no code.
Mindoo's Toolbox, digital integration
Digital & Data Capabilities
Unlock the power of automation. Eliminate manual, repetitive tasks by connecting the apps your small business relies on
Mindoo's Toolbox
Digital & Data Capabilities
Corporate video conferencing with real-time messaging and content sharing.
Professional Collaborations

Pricing Model

Daily rates are excluding VAT and travel expenses. Core evaluation factors may impact, augment these baselines, or account for a customized pricing model.
Start filling the work assessment form (see bottom page).

Pricing plans


Yearly or so

Small Businesses

Teaching & Seminar

Base daily rates

  • 900 €, per day
  • 850 € paid on invoice date issuance

  • 800 €, per day
  • 750 € paid on invoice date issuance
  • 750 €, per day
  • 700 € paid on invoice date issuance
  • From 1,600 €, per day
  • (Flat customized budget for tailored courses)

Main terms

  • 4-month or so
  • Min. 80% rate of activity
  • All terms validated upfront
  • 10-month+
  • Min. 80%  activity rate
  • On actual purchase order
  • 60 days+ in a single timeframe
  • Full-time
  • All terms agreed upfront
  • Preparation time charged
  • Budget customized to syllabus or events
  • Clear and fixed timeframe

Core evaluation factors

  • Issues complexity
  • Analytical workload
  • Volume of deliverables
  • Uncertain timeframe
  • Travel & special working terms
  • Same as "Short-period" option
  • Organizational complexity
  • Required Expertise
  • Same as "Short-period" option
  • Actual duration
  • Preparation workload
  • Syllabus requirements
  • Creative content
  • Timeframe complexity
  • Travel & special working terms
Share work requirements
You have identified opportunities, unresolved issues, or emerging risks, and you do not have the available resources and skills at the time. Then, you consider the support of a professional consultant.
Get insights into the structured assessment and sales process Four-step process

Benefits: a streamlined assessment procedure (max. 15 highly focused questions and optional uploads), fact-based, and time-effective (5-10') to help you make your point, get valuable feedback (3 days or so),
and improve the quality of the proposed professional services.

Fill this Typeform in French or English and choose among three assessment scenarios:

1. Problem-solving | 2. Agile | 3. Job description-based