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Photography Cyril Lagrange
  • Double background (Consulting & Corporates)
  • Finance expertise
  • Scaled SAFe Agile
  • Visiting professor
    at ESCP Business School

As a Business Partner

I help clients solve open problems, create value beyond financials, and achieve greater agility as a B2B professional business and digital transformation consultant. I have been developing my practice through partnerships with selected communities of independents, consulting firms, or other specialized players for several years now.

Corporate combined with consulting job experiences

Over the past 20 years, I have experienced a hybrid career in Corporates (e.g., Finance, Program Manager) and consulting firms (PwC, BearingPoint) in the USA, France, and international organizations. Post-graduated from the Toulouse Business School and an MSc in Strategy and Corporate Finance (Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers, Paris), I build a Business Administration and Corporate Finance core background in the first part of my career. In the second part of my career, I explored and acquired innovation approaches, creativity, and lean management capabilities. As a Certified SAFe® Program Consultant, I lead, implement and coach the Scaled Agile framework and Design Thinking methodologies in digital transformation programs or sustain continuous business improvements.

Communication, coaching, and now Education

The core of the consulting practice is to support decision-makers and their teams to adapt. In doing so, I am convinced that intentional communication, coaching, creativity, and the ability to convey and ultimately teach new concepts are growing essential to address the complexities of the coming decades. Beginning 2021 has allowed me to leverage my whole background and enlarge my working experience by taking a visiting position at ESCP Europe. In practice, I am committing to developing both the Art Thinking framework and participating in the promotion and facilitation of the Improbable Seminar (a creative hackathon based on the Art Thinking method, the “avant-garde” approach).


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As agreed with clients in each situation, I work on-premise or remotely according to the stage and nature of work. Mindoo Management has developed 100% capabilities to use digital solutions to work remotely or with distributed teams in different locations.
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