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Post-Merger Integration of a fast-growing small company, in France
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Organic Food

Ecotone (then, Distriborg) acquired fast-growing but low profitability, small-size company specialized in sourcing and distributing organic and fair trade food, mostly coffee, chocolate, and tea. Distriborg decided to fully merge the acquired company in 5 months and align its operational processes on its own while preserving the brands and sourcing capabilities.


Organized a Post-Merger Integration Office, developed a blueprint roadmap, and launched a series of dedicated workshops to define the integration plan, Animated merger workshops per domain, with mixed teams and support of CFO and/or HR, to define the integration plan by domain and target issues, Facilitated the two monthly Board meetings to monitor the Post-Merger process.


Operational merger completed in 5 months for all operations and support processes, Synergies identified and secured (€2.5 million per year in cost reduction), Supported HR in communicating to Works Council at each stage of the integration, Provided analysis and reorganization plans to keep track of social impacts and workforce adjustments.

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