Credential Card

Development of a premium subscription service in the context of a global CRM project
BNP Paribas
Working details:
Partnership with Consulting Firm
Multi-purpose Assignment
Product Management, Agile Consultant
Skills applied

Growth Strategy, Webportal, CRM

Digital capabilities

Client's Team

Retail Bank Transformation Program

Duration (Days)


Retail Banking

With an 80,000 corporate customer base for its Cash Management subscription web portal, the Retail bank receives a massive load of client requests through direct interactions with the sales forces via the Middle Offices. To improve customer satisfaction (delay and accuracy), reduce the workload on Middle Offices, and gain cost-effectiveness, the bank investigated priorities to foster digitization in the perspective of the ongoing renovation of the CRM Information System.


Identified all use cases and created a draft workflow of clients request in liaison with the usage of services through the web portal or via a direct request to Middle Offices, Proposed a subscription model a premium service, Contributed to the CRM implementation roadmap.


Creation of a request referential aligned with all other web services subscribed by clients, Mapping of Use cases and related documents prone to digitization, Prototyping a request management workflow and an online request dashboard, Events timeline, status management, KPI, …).

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