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Lean Budgeting of SAFe Agile developments at Orange
Orange (collaboration with OMS)
Working details:
Service through Plateform of Independent Consultants
Single-purpose Assignment
Business Consultant & SAFe Agile Coaching
Skills applied

Budgeting, Diagnostic, EPM, Leadership

Digital capabilities

SAFe Agile Framework

Client's Team

Agile Center of Expertise, Agile Coach Team, Cost Accounting Team

Duration (Days)



Orange is increasingly embracing the SAFe AGile framework to organize and operate Business and IT developments of new digital capabilities and services. The company decided to extend the SAfe framework to the budgeting and Portfolio allocation practices for Capex incurred by the retail business lines. The SAFe Agile Framework disrupts the traditional budgeting process in two main domains. On the one hand, teams work on Value Streams where resources are allocated, enabling capabilities, products, and services divided into two main categories of Value Streams (operational or development). On the other hand, lean budgeting encompasses many interconnected constraints such as time horizons, budgeting guardrails, and granular cost accounting (e,g, types of developments, enablers, shared capacities). Another critical aspect is the potential to implement continuous and participatory procedures liaising with the finance and cost control functions.


#1. Assess the resource allocation process in business innovation and IT developments (Scope, contributing entities, flows, resources). Understand the management framework against the SAFe Agile Framework on domains such as: defining strategic themes, documenting intentions, setting OKRs, Budgeting and business reviews, and Lean-Agile events (Portfolio synchronization and resource allocation, PI Increments, etc. ), and investment Governance. #2. Frame the core requirements in terms of budget and portfolio procedures based on Value Stream Rex, and evaluate discrepancies with SAFe Lean-Budgeting guidelines #3. In collaboration with CFO teams, Agile Coach Center of Excellence and PortfolioManagement implement quick wins and define the target model for resource allocation and adjustment at any points of Agile Events & Artifacts #4. Prepare the detailed lean Budgeting Participatory procedure to support the implementation by a dedicated Community of Practice led by Finance Agile Coaches


Assessment guidelines. Quick-wins plan. Target model for Lean-Budgeting. Organizational design to shift to participatory budgeting

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