SAFe SPC Agile Certified

Every business is a digital business now.
Achieving a state of Business Agility means that the entire organization—not just development—is engaged in continually and proactively delivering innovative business solutions faster than the competition.

— Dean Leffingwell, Creator of SAFe




Mindoo Management holds a SAFe® Program Consultant (SPC) accreditation. SAFe may coexist with other implemented methods such as waterfall, staged-gate projects, lean-startup, or fully tailored consulting approaches.

Decentralized decision-making

Agile is a framework based on decentralized decision-making to foster the quality and sustainability of product and service creation or development beyond the digital realm. SAFe Agile may not be a "one-size-fits-all" framework to conduct and manage any change.

Team of Teams

The SPC comprehensive set of roles spans Strategic alignment, Lean Portfolio Management, Lean Budgetting, collaboration with Solution and Product Management, Agile Train preparation and supervision, LACE, "As is" engagement if required.


The structured and standardized methodology of Agile relies on iterative, fast learning and small increments to lean, adjust and deliver more sustainably and smoothly. Feedback, continuous improvement, and incremental adjustments are at the core.

SAFe® Program Consultant

What is a SPC?

Certified SAFe® Program Consultants (SPCs) are change agents who combine their technical knowledge of SAFe with an intrinsic motivation to improve the company’s software and systems development processes. They play a critical role in successfully implementing SAFe. SPCs come from numerous internal or external roles, including business and technology leaders, portfolio/program/project managers, process leads, architects, analysts, and consultants.

Why is it a critical role to support your needs?

As outlined in the Implementation Roadmap series, changing an enterprise's development practices and behavior is a significant challenge. To achieve meaningful and lasting change, author John P. Kotter notes that a "sufficiently powerful guiding coalition" of stakeholders is needed.

SAFe Implementation Roadmap
SPC may assess switch to Agile organization, lead a hybrid Program coexisting with other management methodologies (e.g., Waterfall, staged-base, tailored) or take on responsibilities at any steps depending on the advancement

How SPC would help you ?

Bringing along their broad experience and capabilities as a Management and Organization consultant, a Certified SAFe® 5 Program Consultant (SPC) is a SAFe implementation professional responsible for training leaders, change agents, consultants, and team members to drive a Lean-Agile transformation at an enterprise scale. Key areas of competency include designing a SAFe implementation, launching and facilitating an Agile Release Train (ART), and extending the Lean-Agile portfolio by launching other ARTs. Key roles comprise:

  • Lead as a Coach to the Corporate Executives to embrace agile, prepare implementation, and launch
  • Organization Consult to create and support the Lean-Agile Center of Excellence (LACE)
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Solution and Product Management Consultant
  • "As is" Product Owner or Release Train Engineer (if supported by business people) when relevant

Main Responsibilities


Scroll the Scale Agile page (below) to learn more about the 11 primary responsibilities of the SPC
in liaison with the implementation roadmap of an Agile transformation

Verified Certificate

Certified SAFe Program Consultant SPC
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