Credential Card

Definition of Performance framework, cost model, and preparaton of EPM/BI Suite implementation
Ministère des Armées
Working details:
Partnership with Consulting Firm
Single-purpose Assignment
Skills applied

Costing, ABC/ABM, Budgeting, Data Gouvernance, BI, EPM

Digital capabilities

EPM, Board International

Client's Team

Cross-functional team across the organic entities of the Navy

Duration (Days)


Public Sector

In 2018, the French Government harmonized the performance management framework, related budget allocation scheme, and cost measurement by contributing entities, activities, purposes, and operations. As a consequence, the Navy set out to build an Activity-based costing and management framework.


Adapted financial and accounting procedures to the target management frameworks, Defined the ABC/ABM cost model adjusted for the peculiarities of the Navy operations to support the different categories of ships. Reconcile public accounting with actual cost base, Designed main financial statements and summarized functional requirements to prepare the integration of the Board International EPM solution.


Multiple workshops facilitation Coaching of financial teams, Officers, and Head of Divisions about the new framework, Functional requirements (~20 macro-activities; €1.3 billion per year), Launch of next stage for implementation of the selected EPM solution (i.e., Board International).

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