& Affiliations

The singularity and agility of independent work with the ability to leverage the capacities and expertise of peer members and the affiliation to communities of interest & expertise
One in teams

One with teams

Value for clients

Value for clients

Contant-learning and feedback culture


Committing together whenever relevant, sharing expertise, and raising resources enable us to leverage our high-value service proposition for clients

Network effects

Prominent professional services communities have granted memberships to Mindoo Management. It provides a hedge to address customers' requirements in complex situations (e.g., market reach, multi-expertise jobs, short deadlines, substantial workload).

Tailored proposals

Committing together or in other settings, sharing expertise, and raising resources enable us to leverage our high-value service proposition at mutual benefits and ultimately to be able to develop and tend the most appropriate service proposals to customers at the fairest price.

Adaptive capabilities

Mindoo Management has an affiliation with communities of expertise (Agile, Data, Digitization, and Corporate finance and FP&A). It extends to adjacent service segments and innovation frameworks (e.g., Seminar with Improbable Education at ESCP Europe).



Share work requirements
You have identified opportunities, unresolved issues, or emerging risks, and you do not have the available resources and skills at the time. Then, you consider the support of a professional consultant.
Get insights on the structured assessment and sales process Four-step process

Benefits: a streamlined assessment procedure (max. 15 highly focused questions and optional uploads), fact-based, and time-effective (5-10') to help you make your point, get valuable feedback (3 days or so),
and improve the quality of the proposed professional services.

Fill this Typeform in French or English and choose among three assessment scenarios:

1. Problem-solving | 2. Agile | 3. Job description-based