Main Credentials

Clients need professional services and operational support to create customer value, leveraging digital transformation and data.

From a functional standpoint, Mindoo Management helps clients to create value and make positive impacts by aligning strategic intent, performance management beyond financials and adapt to change.

With an historic focus on Telecom, Media and Content industries (TMT) including issues such as Intellectual Property, Mindoo has extended its industry scope of engagement to several other industries (e.g. Pucblic Sector,
e-banking, Food
). This move aims to support businesses and Public sectors entities to adapt to two transformational forces : need to adapt operations to a faster pace environnement with pervasive and extended use of data to improve performance and use case promotion or automation; developing digital and data-driven products and services.

Developing a constant-learning approach and a test and feedback mindset have become critical for both consulting professionals and our clients to address compex issues and cope with more uncertain and unpredictable environment.  Education is then at the core of promoting teh required leraning culture. Mindoo has developped lean startup practice (e.g., "Disciplined Entrepreneurship"), ideation and facilitation workshop capabilities and collaboration to implement the Art Thinking creative framework. Since 2021, Mindoo is committed to Education in Post-Graduate Business School and for Executive Training Program.


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You have identified opportunities, unresolved issues, or emerging risks, and you do not have the available resources and skills at the time. Then, you consider the support of a professional consultant.
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